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What you need to know before visiting Bucharest, Romania

So I decided to launch an English section for this blog, because I have so many friends abroad that don’t speak Romanian and who tell me all the time that they want to come visit Bucharest.

If you’re thinking about visiting Bucharest, let me tell you this: you are going to have a lot of fun! And all this while also experiencing its educational side. Just imagine that by visiting Bucharest you have access to the best and cheapest attractions in Europe! Visiting Bucharest is now a totally different experience, and if you’re expecting post-Ceausescu attitude, you are in for a surprise!

It’s usually a good idea to have someone show you around, as Bucharest is not the best tourist-friendly city in Europe, on the contrary, even natives have a bit of trouble walking around. But with a bit of help I think you can make it safely on your own, especially if you try going incognito, like not replying in English when someone approaches you, just nod your head YES or NO and move on.

Bucharest Fact Sheet:

– hot summers up to 39 Celsius [102 Fahrenheit]

– cold winters down to -20 Celsius [-4 Fahrenheit]

– quickest way to move around: METROREX [Subway]

– most comfortable way to move around: TAXI [as Subway might involve some walking, lot of space between stations]

– crowded during school time [October to June] – important universities attracting students from the entire country

– Emergency number is 112, but you can use a private one also, for medical emergencies only, as for example Regina Maria Hotline – 021-9268

– Taxes: VAT is 24%, but don’t freak out! All taxes are included in the displayed prices, don’t believe anybody telling you differently, as it’s illegal not to display the whole deal

– Tips: usually between 10% and 20%, but nobody will say NO if you give more, depends on how happy you are with how you are being treated


So how to start your trip? First of all, it depends on how you arrive in Bucharest:

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